God's love reaching from shore to shore through online

Tonight I watched Sara Frankl's memorial.

Sara is the blogger who passed away this Saturday due to a debilitating form of arthritis.

So many people talk about Facebook, blogging and Twitter in a negative way, always saying why they "don't" participate. I understand totally.

Yet I always share, though we should indeed play it safe, this new means of communication...networking, is my mission field. It's the way God is allowing me to minister to people I wouldn't otherwise be able to talk to.

I'm writing this to show you the love God's people bestowed on Sara, blogger and friend to many, and vice-verse. These are some of the tweets that other's used, mostly bloggers, to express love to her during her final days and hours.

Choosing Joy Tweets. There is also a beautiful write up about her and the mark she made on many of us.

Tonight I watched a live stream of her memorial and yesterday her family allowed a live stream of her funeral.

Y'all please never underestimate the voice and the position where God has placed you at this time. Again I say, "Your voice and your story matter. Share it! Tell it" 'cause you never know how far or who it reaches and what it can do for those who hear it.

xo, Angela

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