How to feed a brain {and update on blog design recipients}

A Picture of a eBookImage via WikipediaYeah, I must admit: the words in the blue box were lifted right off the pages of Ann Voskamp!

I love using these resources with my children and not only that, but I've been wanting to share this stuff with you all for awhile, but would always forget.

Here in our home the kids are quietly watching a documentary of 9/11 while I quietly write a small eBook welcoming all the ladies who will participate in the fall online Bible study.  Not only am I doing that, but I also have a design class coming up for 2:00— remember I told you all that I'm learning how to "professionally" code and design blogs?  All that ... and a tad bit more is what I'm working on over here.

By the way, for all of the ladies who contacted me about helping them with their blogs, I will send an email to you between now and Saturday evening.  I got an awesome responds and I thank you so kindly for trusting me enough to have me work on your babies :-)

Aren't our blogs the other "loves of our lives?"  We just love them to pieces don't we?

Anyway, if you're a busy mom like me, and if you're a mom {or dad} who likes to stay mentally challenged liked me these sites are awesome supplements.

Please enjoy!

Fed Your Brain Today? Daily Brain Links
Links to click everyday to be a lifelong learner….
Want to foster lifelong learning? Check out these “Everyday Links…”
Every link listed here  is updated every single day with new, intriguing information — right across the curriculum spectrum.
Checking out the links everyday expands the mind….Think of it as: Feeding your Brain.
Perfect for kids to click through after they are done their homework or while Mama finishes up in the kitchen… or for any mind that wants to stay informed. These links are a highlight of our day here!

Everyday Scripture
Today’s Bible Reading — while washing dishes, sketching with crayons, or eating breakfast, this daily audio reading of Scripture is a perfect way to start the day
Everyday Wonder
Wonderopolis*** New … Experience a daily dose of time with your child to make the most of each and every moment together — learn something new, try out an idea, create a masterpiece, imagine possibilities. It’s easy. It’s fun. But the learning is big!
Everyday Geography/Missions
Pray for Unreached People Group of the Day with Global Prayer Digest (find the people group’s location on a map)– but a moment and you can do the greatest work of all for the world…
Take Today’s National Geographic Geobee Quiz  always a highly anticipated challenge. We would also do the previous challenges, to review, and see if we could best our score. See how you rate against other explorers!

Everyday Art Appreciation
Today’s Biblical Art (Scroll down)

Everyday Literature Exploration
Today’s Word to learn – daily favorite. We’d listen to the audio of the word, and then see who could use it often throughout the day
Daily Spelling Bee (Twenty sets of four words. Choose the easy level or the hard level. Can you land on the leader board?) ** NEW***
Today’s Vocabulary Quiz (try to daily deduce the meanings of three words)
Today’s Poem from Writer’s Almanac – one of my favorites, but I’m strange that way
Poem a Day… may be more age/topic appropriate for youngers
Today’s Creative Writing for sixty Seconds… we found this great fun! We’d take turns (sometimes a younger dictating story to Mama), and then read stranger’s sixty second stories on the same word prompt. Great for dictation, creative thinking, (and fast typing!)

Every(week) Math Problem
Math Problems posted every Monday (Thought-provoking problems posted every Monday–archives back to 2000)

Everyday Science
Plant of the day
Bird of the day (look on this page to find it, then click to separate page)listening to the calls of the different birds was a daily highlight, a child favorite
National Geographic News… always good news stories found here
Astronomy Picture of the Day … we often showed this one to Farmer Dad at supper
Weather Picture of the Day … this one too! cultivates geography skills as you locate where the weather is happening
Tonight’s viewing of the sky (*New — click on the orange “Tonight” tab in right corner)

Everyday Music AppreciationClassics in Concert

Everyday History
Glimpses of Christian History(Click on ‘Today’s Story from Christian History‘)
This Day in History (from the History Channel–with brief corresponding videos)
Today in History (a chronological list of global happenings nearly from the beginning of recorded history)

Everyday Geography/World EventsThis Week’s Pictures from around the world… always riveting, memorable photographs, worthy of discussion
Today’s Pictures: The Last 24 hrs in Pictures … this was a (near) daily must read…. We would look at the picture and see if we could guess where in the world this was happening while we ate, slept, worked, read in the last 24 hours… then I’d read the caption, and we’d find the location on the globe. This was a phenomenal resource to give a global awareness of what is happening to real people in real places in real time — today. We’d often stop and pray for the people photographed. If we want to be ourselves aware, and raise children who care about people, the world, I know of no better, *daily, real-time* resource.
Education would be so much more effective if its purpose were to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they  know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it.”
– Sir William Haley

Want to Feed Brains Everyday?
Tuck away this Button to find the Everyday Learning Links
This list has been a go-to list for us for years…
When Mama was teaching another learner, or at the conclusion of our afternoon tea with books time, these everyday learning links offered intriguing information across the curriculum spectrum.
So perhaps copy and paste this button code into a convenient web-corner, so inquiring young minds (and older!) can daily find links to feed hungry brains?  I’m placing this button down in my very bottom footer margin, so our kids can just click everyday and easily find this list of everyday learning links!
Brain Food
The codes to the button didn't copy good, but you can link on to Ann's blog to not only get a copy of the code to put on your own site, but to see the lovely pictures that she has made available to us that goes along with this post.
I do hope you enjoy what she has given us.  She has put extensive work into gathering this information for not only her family to enjoy, but for us all.

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