Songs of a beautiful family

It's cold out.  Dark.  He's up with me, on the computer.  He asks about breakfast.

We start school today and I'm so excited of the new . . . of the "what's to come."

Pretty soon the house will be singing with the beautiful noise of our family.  The washing machine and drying will add to the chorus as will the still sleepy children ... shuffling to the bathroom to get dressed before coming to the table.

Then the house will smell of pancakes, bacon and eggs... the bread of life.

I prefer making them homemade or from Bisquick mix.  I like the box Bisquick mix.

Melted butter on hot pancakes with Steen's syrup.  Priceless of course.

Then we will start with spelling rules.  Most of my curriculum teaches grades 1 through 12.

The children will sit at our dinner table as I stand at the white board doing what God has called me to do.   Doing what I love best.  Doing what brings me the most peace and gives me the sweetest joy.  Caring for the ones that love me most and the ones that I love most.

As I make lunch, dinner will be in the slow cooker.  I will read stories.  We will read stories from the Bible.

Young and old will be strung out in the living room to partake of the real Bread of life.

This is one way that we sing songs to Him . . . by being obedient, doing what I AM has called us to do.

xo, Angela

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"What if God has a plan for this brokeness?  What if He wants to use these jagged, disjointed fragments of our lives to turn them into a colorful story?"


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