The touch of a wife

Last night by the time he came home I was exhausted.

I had been home all day with the children, schooling, cooking, watching my mother teach a granddaughter how to bake a cake. . . watching her teach Math-it concepts by memory to a new generation of her grandchildren.

We all need each other.  We all need to know that we're here for one another.

As I sat on my bed, listening to Lysa and Ann, my tired husband walks in. His face echoing my feelings of exhaustion.

He had been out all day working, selling. Going door-to-door, using his skills to make provisions for his family.  He'd also find time, though tired, to go to Wholefoods Market.

He hands me my coconut which hold the coconut milk I've grown fond of.

"Oh, thank you." I say as I reach up to give him a hug.

"Here.  I bought you these too.  Since you're back schooling you're going to need your energy."  He says this as he hands me the multivitamins I get from the market.

Then he gave me my echinacea pills and my favorite salad.

"He heard me," I say as he hands me the salad he has made me from his own hands.

So often when we're together and I'm going on and on, I'm certain he has tuned me off.  Especially when I'm talking about why I like artichoke hearts and tofu on my salad.  But he had not tuned me off he heard every word.

Yesterday before he left for work I gave him a hug and told him I loved him.

Last night, he brought me a beautiful card.  On it, these words are inscribed:

I love youbecause you understand mebetter than anyoneI've ever known 
You can make me happyand soothe away my careswith just a touch or a word.
I love youbecause we haveso much fun togetherwherever we goand whatever we do...
I love the way youcan make me laughwhen I need it the most.
I love youbecause of the dreamswe've built together,the ones we're still working on,and the ones we'll dream upyears from now.
I love youbecause I'm a better personwith you by my give me lifea deeper meaning and purpose.
I love youbecause you're my world,my everything...and that will never change. ~ Catherine Slater
Let me just say, so many times I've wanted to walk out the door... just give up on this marriage.  It has been one of my most difficult callings, but one of the most rewarding.

Our marriage continues to be a work in progress.  There are now many wonderful things about it, but so many things still need to be worked out.

Later that night, while we lay in bed on our backs looking at the ceiling talking. My husband shared with me how much my hug, my touch meant to him.

I'm glad is that I've had enough faith in God to stay the course.  Learn the lessons.  Not that I've passed all the test or always done right, but I'm glad my heart is here at home, with God, my husband and my children.

Staying committed to our callings take lots of faith.  We stay and do because we learn, hope and believe in His Word that if we keep on applying His principles by sowing, we will eventually reap.

Has God called you, dear friend, to a calling that seems too high, or hard or impossible?  Don't give up.  Keep on applying His Word, working the plan He shows you.  Regardless of how many times you fall... get up, believing in His Word though you may not see a shred of evidence that what you're doing is working.

Keep keeping on!

And don't forget to touch that man of yours today.  Encourage him.  Let him know that no matter what you go through.  You care and you're there.

xo, Angela

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