Want your blog to have a new look!

Let your blog be my canvass girls!

If you are a blogger and are using Wordpress.org or are willing to switch to Wordpress.org and you need or want a blog do over by a professional designer, I am your lady.

Think about this:
  • What does your blog say about you?
  • Does it convey the message in design that you want to get across?
  • Does your blog design speak your personality?
If it doesn't, I have great news for you.  For a limited time only I can offer my design services to you at no charge and here's why...

I am presently in training with one of the industries best graphical designer. I need to establish my portfolio, and therefore am willing to design your blog for free. For free, that's right! I will even help you move your blog over to Wordpress.org if you're not already there.

Please, please remember I will only work with Wordpress.org, so if you want me you have to already be there or willing to move.

And remember, I am only accepting FIVE blogs!  

So leave me a comment or send me an email with your blog url and your story.

And yes, I will be moving over as well, with an entire new look too.  One that I will specifically create just for me!

xo, Angela

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"What if God has a plan for this brokeness?  What if He wants to use these jagged, disjointed fragments of our lives to turn them into a colorful story?"
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