Becoming transparent {notes from my private journal}?

This morning I sat in the backyard, it's breezy and cool.  Just the kind of weather I like.  The tree leaves are falling, green slowly turns to brown, the birds faintly chirp, dishes are clinging from the children eating breakfast, their voices carrying and I know, "Life is good."

Today is my mother's birthday and I thank God for allowing us to all be here to enjoy and participate in it.

With legs propped I pen,

Dear Journal today I feel a huge burden lifted off me. Why?

Well... I made myself transparent.  Vulnerable.  I did so not knowing the outcome.

People say to me, "You shouldn't like him, look at how he treats you, or you shouldn't like her, look at what she has done to you."

This morning I think, "Wow.  Jesus shouldn't like me.  Look at what I've done to Him."

Then I smile and think, "Jesus doesn't like me. Jesus loves me this I know— for the Bible tells me so."  And I understand how only LOVE can cover a multitude of sins.

Love.  Relationships.  We need them to thrive, some are even instrumental in our survival.

Transparent.  Things become transparent when others can see through them.

Can we be transparent with each other?  Should we be transparent with those we can be transparent with?

Can we be as transparent with one person as we are with another?

No. I don't think we can be as transparent with some as we are with others, but I do believe we should practice transparency in our relationships.  The depth, of course, depending on the type of relationship, as well as keeping in mind that not everyone is able to handle the emotions that we lay on them.  For this reason using wisdom and discernment is key to the process of not holding someone hostage for our feelings and their responds to us sharing.

And in writing this down, and the sharing of it, I learn that it is perfectly okay for me to be transparent.   It is nothing to be ashamed of.  Nothing is taken away from me by doing so.

Maybe my relationship won't be restored.  Maybe the other person will see me as weak... lame even.  This too is okay because what they think of me doesn't add to or take away from who I am, I AM LEARNING...

Sure thinking of me in that way will hurt some, bruise the ego a bit. . . But I'm learning there are lessons to be learnt in pain and growth spurts.  Right now, my son legs pain from his growing. There's a bit of  pain in living... a scariness in becoming transparent sometimes, but it's all good.

The world will not or does not end because we share our inner selves with another.

What's going on inside you today? Don't mask your feelings. Using wisdom and discretion share it.

Become transparent :-)

Today I have gratitude for:

~ finally accepting me... you know... loving me
~ being vulnerable
~ being love and loving others
~ friends
~ life lessons...and the learning

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  1. This is beautiful...just lovely and really touched my heart.  Visiting over from Ann's


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