Bible study launch: Beth Moore, James Mercy Triumps

Beth Moore has a new Bible study people: James Mercy Triumphs.

The Facebook party for the study starts on Lifeway's Facebook page, November 01, 2011.

Lifeway says, and I concur, that it will be an hour full of fun!

Guess what though?  Guess who the special guest will be within that hour full of fun?  You got it, Yours Truly, Beth Moore!

Will you come join the fun and pass the information along please ... don't forget to tell them about the prizes be given away such as a gift certificate to Lifeway Christian Stores, an IPAD2, Beth Moore James kit, and lots more during the chat of the live webcast!!!

So ladies, are you in, are you game?  Come on then, start passing the word. Tag. You're it!

Lifeway Christian Store Facebook Page

Lifeway Christian Beth Moore

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