God made you to fit... what role do you play in changing the world?

In the beginning, God created the world. He could have left you out of it. But he didn’t. He made you to go in it. To fit. To have a place. If you weren’t there, things would be unfinished. You have a place, a role, a hand in how this whole story plays out. But what does that even look like? Are you playing a role that was never meant for you? Does your influence feel limp rather than alive? Well that’s kind of what this next 31 days is all about. I do hope you’ll stick around.  Those are Emily's words.

Have you ever thought about the difference you're making?  How your life, your existence is not only effecting you, but those around you?  Do you have specific goals with making a difference or do you just wing it?

I have so many ways I want to change the world...make a difference.  Of course, I think it starts with me being right here at home, but I don't want it to stop here that's for sure.  I want my life to matter to extend out.  I'm not saying that being at home doesn't matter... you guys know me better than that. 

More than anything on this earth, I want to live out the purpose that God has for me.

Why did God save me?
Why did God save you?

Better yet, why did God make us?  We could have been someone else, but we're not.  I'm me and you're you.

I think out of all the challenges and studies that I'm participating in this month.  This one is the most important.

Will you join me in making a difference?  

I don't know, yet, how I will go about it.  I guess the best way to begin is to pray and tell God what I am up to, so I'll start there.

It will be very interesting for me to see what God shows me after I'm finished with this.  Moving on...

For those of you participating in the 1 John Bible study, to see the video Courtney did on this weeks reflections you can click on the link here.  Good Morning Girls Friday Reflections.

To view more topics on 31 Days to changing the world please visit Emily's blog at Chatting At The Sky.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~ Anne Frank

xo, Angela

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