Spiritual Warfare

I got up early this morning, again.  Here lately, I've been rising much earlier than normal.  I've been disturbed by my thoughts—my actions, my desires.

This morning, I decided I would do a more in depth reading of the Bible.  The only thing is that I left my Bible in our Suburban last night and I'm too afraid to go outside by myself in the dark.

No problem, right, just pick up another Bible.  I can't find any of our other Bibles.  I'm in the dark looking stepping over kids . . . people, trying not to wake anyone so locating the other Bibles are made harder this morning.

So what is a girl to do?  Well, I went to my bookshelf and pulled down a book that I've been wanting to read for years, but hadn't because the title scared me: "Spiritual Warfare."  It's written by Timothy M. Warner.  It's an old book, but so many truths are still prevalent today.

"Spiritual Warfare . . . hm.  That's exactly what I think I'm going through"  I note to myself.  "I think it's about time I muster up some courage and begin reading,"  I tell myself.

The below words are words that are taken from Timothy M. Warner's book, 'Spiritual Warfare.'  In the coming weeks I hope to share with you all my take on Spiritual Warfare as it certainly pertains to my life and how I see it affecting things around me.

I found the first chapter of this book to be very enlightened, not scary at all.  I also believe that it is not by accident that I was led to it so below I share some of the author's words with you for food for thought.

. . . The fact is, however, that neither God nor Satan has changed since the first encounter in the Garden of Eden.

Spiritual conflict has been a part of human experience from that time on.  Genesis 3:15 provides a key element in establishing the context in which all the rest of the Bible must be viewed:

'And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.'

Spiritual conflict permeates the Biblical record from that time on, and today we are involved in this conflict whether we want to be or not.  We have tried to ignore the enemy, but that only gives him a strategic advantage in the ongoing battle.

Let it be stated clearly at the beginning of this study however, that the outcome of the war is not in doubt.

God's sovereign power is in no danger whatever.  

Through the Cross and the Resurrection the Lord Jesus Christ decisively defeated our enemy.  For His own good and sufficient reasons, however, God has not yet executed the final judgment against the enemy.

But it is time that we take our enemy seriously because of the high stakes for which this war is being fought.  Spiritual warfare is often misunderstood because it is assumed that demonic activity in our lives only begins with overt activity which can clearly be assigned to demons.  

The truth is, however, that the battle begins the minute we are born.  Satan has a consuming desire to control the destiny of every person on Planet Earth.

He is the one who blinds the minds of unbelievers, "so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." { 2 Corinthians 4:4}

The battle takes on special significance when a person turns from the realm of Satan's control and begins life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  The essence of the conflict before conversion is a matter of the truth about salvation.

After conversion it is still a matter of truth, but now the focus changes to the truth about God,

and the truth about ourselves.

Satan's primary tactic is deception, or clever lying, and the degree to which we believe any of his lies and come under the influence of deception is the degree to which Satan or demons have control of our lives.

The arguments about whether a demon can be in the body of a Christian and whether a believer can be 'possessed' by a demon often serve to divert our attention from the more fundamental issue of deception in these basic areas of belief about God and about ourselves in relation to God.

Now to recognize this "truth encounter," as Neil Anderson calls it, is to continue in bondage to the deception which is guiding one's life."

Pick up your copy of the book, 'Spritual Warfare' so that you can go through the study with me, or to just have it to reference you can

xo, Angela
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  1. Spiritual warfare is alive and well today!  But greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world!  I pray you learn a lot from this book.

    The next time you leave your bible somewhere, just go to biblegateway.com and you can pull up scriptures in any version you'd like.  :o)

    Blessings to you!


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