Verbal authority? Yelling: the cause, the casualty, the cure

Elisabeth Elliot, friend and mentor, said the following in regards to verbal authority as it relates to parenting:

"The Bible tells us children are to obey their parents. 

In our many travels Lars and I observe that few young parents have any idea that a child can be taught to obey.  Some of them, alas, feel that it would damage their little egos to correct them, but God's word is clear. 'He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him."

For those who don't know and wonder, 'where do I begin?' There's no need to fret.   

Lorrie Flem, author of  the new e-book Yelling: the cause, the casualty, the cure, shows us in her book that we are to, Respond.  We don't react.

I am so delighted that Eternal Encouragement aka The Gabby Mamas ask me to review this book and tap out my thoughts.

I find this book to be sound biblicaly, laced in wisdom toting timeless treasures.

In Yelling, Lorrie methodically walks us through her heart felt feelings on the unbecoming behavior of yelling and why many women indulge. In it, she shares stories of women suffering with the problem or who have put her steps into practice and are sharing their personal results.Ms. Flem starts off by giving us—her readers, some reasons on why some mothers yell.

After the above explanation, she encourages us to cover ourselves in prayer, reminding us that "God wants to carry our burdens."

I'm a big believer in the next step and was even surprised that she listed it. The reason I found this next step surprising, honestly, is that I'd come to believe that the "new wave" of parenting seems to find the training of children to be uncouth. Needless-to-say, I was comforted to see that Lorrie found this topic to be important enough to add in the book.  She understands the importance of training our children.  Allow me to add that training our children, is the most important aspect of parenting, next to leading them to Christ.

It seems today that parenting is all about making the child feel good about himself and overindulgence, thus the making of a very non-contented adults.

In her third step she explains how to identify the triggers which lead us to belt out that old familiar tune. Some of those triggers are:
  • bickering, and
  • whining
To see the complete list of these triggers and to learn more about yelling and to get help with it, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of the e-book

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  1. Yes, child training seems to be "old fashioned"....God's way is the only way!  So true that making children 'feel good about themselves' lead to adults who are not content.

    Nice review!

  2. For some reason I cannot contact you via email.  It keeps getting returned.  Please email me at headmama@thegabbymoms asap to complete your application!  Thanks!


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