Will you go wherever He leads you?

How do you respond to God when He tells you to "go" or "do?"

Does your heart say, "Anywhere you lead Lord I'll go?"

Yesterday, while fellowshipping with some of the ladies in my neighborhood, I found myself telling my "new" young friend and neighbor, Veronica, a mother to a three year-old, wife of five years and new to the faith... thedetails of when the Lord called me to be a homeschooling mom.

In telling the story my heart went back and I reminisced on the early years of my obedient heart.  Back then it seems that all of my prayers were, "Lord what is your will for my life?"  "Anywhere you lead me God, I will go."

Sometimes it seems like I get so far from that in my heart now though my sentiments are still the same.

What about you dear friend?  What is your hearts cry to the Lord concerning "the thing" He is and has called you to do?

In her book, "Wherever He leads me," Corrie Ten Boom writes,

It is a wonderful life that is guided by a God who never makes mistakes. The only condition laid upon us is obedience. 'When are you going to bring this message to the Japanese?' a friend asks me after he hears one of my lectures.
Until then I have worked only in America and Europe, Japan being far from my thoughts.  In my quiet time the instruction comes distinctly: Go to Japan.  I almost answer,'Yes, but...'

Obedience says, 'Yes, Lord,' and I have learned to obey.  I want to say, 'Yes, but I know

nobody there; I can't speak the language and it is so expensive.'

Again and again, I begin counting and forget that my heavenly treasurer reckons

differently from me.

The money comes, enough for a flight to Tokyo, where I arrive safely.  It is raining,

and from the air Tokyo looks dark and dreary.  I am not at all sure of myself.  In the

customs office a man asks me where he is to take my suitcase.  I tell him I don't know.

'Is someone going to meet you?'

'No, nobody,' I answer.

In his car he takes me to a hotel.  It is small, dirty and dark, but the manager understands some English.  But now there is conflict in my soul.  Was that really God's guidance?  What if it was a mistake?
I hardly dare go outdoors for fear I might lose my way back to the hotel.  Who would
understand me?
It becomes a real temptation from Satan.  How terribly God's children are tempted in
these times.
Then I read in 1 Peter 1 that we are guarded by God's power until we fully enter into
our spiritual heritage.  The passage continues,' This means tremendous joy to you, I
know, even thought at present you are harassed by all kinds of trials and temptations.  
This is no accident—it happens to prove your faith, which is infinitely more valuable
than gold, and gold as you know, even though it is ultimately perishable, must be
purified by fire.

This proving of your faith is planned to bring you praise and honor and glory in the
day of Jesus Christ.'
No accident —planned!
God makes no mistakes!  How it happens I cannot explain, but trust takes the place of
doubt and I can say, 'Lord, I know I am safe in Your everlasting arms.  You are
guiding me and will surely make the next step plain.'
Then comes to mind: David Morken.  Is that God's answer?  years ago I met David at a
Youth for Christ meeting and he told me he might be sent to Japan.  Fortunately the
telephone directory is printed in English, and there is his name.
How wonderful, for the next step is clear.

I pick up the telephone and hear a voice saying, 'Mashie, mashie.'
In confusion I replace the receiver.  I cannot even make a telephone call in this strange
land of strange people speaking a strange language.
Finally, the manager gets the number for me and I speak to David.
That day I am his guest, after which he secures a room for me in an InterVaristy
Christian Fellowship house.  The first week I speak three times, the second week
eighteen times and the third week twenty-six times.  A season of unusual blessings
awaits me.
How happy I am that I said, 'Yes, Lord,' instead of 'Yes, but ...'

Friend, how has God been asking you to obey Him?

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  1. I definitely say yes,but it took some time to get there.  Saying yes to an unknown destination is similar to jumping off a cliff and trusting that God will not only catch you,but give you your wings to fly. I don't mean literally jumping off a cliff, but is was the only analogy I could think of.

  2. I love Corrie ten Boom! She was so open and transparent in her walk with the Lord. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Wonderful post. Just what's been on my heart in recent weeks. Thanks for sharing the quote.

  4. I was praying today. 2.5 years ago we made a move because God said, "Go." It was a journey, a 2 year journey - and then He brought us "home" again. One of my sons is struggling; he struggled with the go and he struggled with the return - and I prayed today and in the back of my mind, I battled the impact on this child, would he be o.k.- and your words are a blessing from God, "God doesn't make mistakes." Since He doesn't make mistakes, He will take care of this sweet son of mine. Thank you for blessing me today!


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