James: Mercy Triumphs. Day one

I know I'm behind!  There seems to always be something to do.  I'm slow, I know, but I'm striving to be steady :-)

Y'all what I appreciate with Day One of this study, "James: Mercy Triumphs" is how Beth has focused on the human side of Jesus.  Letting us see Him as a brother, a Son, a neighbor, speaking of neighbors and the the neighborhood.

For me this helps me accept James and his message even more because in this way, I see him as the brother of Jesus.  I see him living with Him.  Sharing tender brother moments. He knew Jesus as brother, and still accepted Him as his Lord.

Many times it's hard for the people in our household to accept our message, regardless of the truth of that message because "they know us."  They see how we function.

So Beth introducing the family setting like this first, sets the stage for me to accept James' message.

That's it for now.  That's what I got from Day One.

See you manana!

xo, Angela

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