Living gratitude

Living gratitude is one of the things I find that I am most inconsistent with.  

I start.  I stop.  My eyes or better yet my heart always seems to shift it's focus.  I've been touched by the weight that a life lived out in gratitude can lift, but I always seem to forget.

So I will attempt again.  I will try today to remember that a life lived with consistent gratitude is a happy life.  It is a life that will keep me closes to God and it will be the most fulfilling for me.

Friends from Ann's I ask that you bestow on my grace as I've stopped giving thanks for a while and have found that it has brought me a sense of emptiness.

I'm looking to be filled and refueled again and I have come to experience that the only way that is possible is for me to give thanks for this moment because even if I don't see it, there are plenty of things to count as joy.  One being the grace to begin again.

What I am thankful for:

1.  eyes of discernment
2.  God not leaving me, even when I leave Him again and again
3.  the grace of my Savior & others
4.  The consistency of Ann Voskamp's scratching out in the dark over at A Holy Experience.
5.  People who love me . . . just and only because I am ME
6.  my gifts, talents and desires
7.  seasons changing

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