Awakening to the gateways of life

Sometimes, many times even I forget.

I forget to count my blessings and name them one-by-one.  I forget that the very thing that taste bitter is the very gateway that could bring me joy.  I think of this as I climb in the bed and look at him.  The one who has taken me as his wife.

"Why is it that with just a bit of seeing things differently, the tilting of the head, an entire life can be changed.  Perspective and the ability to see becomes clearer and things that just hours ago appeared to be detrimental no longer seem as bad anymore?  Why?

Right now, this moment, this season, I resolve to be slow. Slowed, not rushed.  Slow to stroll through the gateways of my life, to smell the fragrant flowers, to enjoy the strolls, and yes, even the messes.

"Is having loads and loads of laundry to wash so bad?"

No.  Today I resolve.  I resolve to work for my family as if I am working for the Lord.  Isn't that really what I am doing—working for Him.  Laundry, cleaning, instructing are all gateways to joy.  They are my holy experience.  My noble work to Him for Him and for them.  And in doing this, I find my way.  I see who I am.  I understand.  I am woman and this is the work that my creator has called me to this day.  I'm a Soul Sculpture.

It is only in carrying out His will that we are able to fully understand who we are and find contentment and true meaning for the life He has given us and called us to.

In contentment and peace comes understanding.

On this day, I resolve to county my blessings one-by-one, to walk through the gateway and find what's been there all along: joy.

"A nail is driven out by another nail.  Habit is overcome by habit." ~ Erasmus

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