Your struggle isn't who you are

"When you're in a middle of a struggle . . . that's not who you are," says Holley Gerth.

A friend of mine use to say to me often, "Your circumstances don't define who you are.  A lot of people find themselves in bad situations and they let that situation define them."

I get it now.

Girls our struggles are not our identity, it is merely our location at the moment.  And that goes for anything good or bad.

"Where we are in life changes.  Who we are stays the same wherever we go."  

Personally I was so glad to read Holley's words.  I know sometimes we can find ourselves in situations that seem to have a stronghold on us— in spite of this we must press on as best we can.  Even if we have to fall to our knees, lift our hands and say, "Help me Father."  Seasons do change.

Today we are here.  Tomorrow or the next day . . . only God knows.

Ladies, we don't have to be perfect, yet we are perfectly loved.

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