Pursuit of Proverbs 31 Woman {a review}

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to  review Amy Bayliss' book, 'Pursuit of Proverbs 31.'  I've never met Amy personally, but I have known of her for quite sometime, and I have corresponded with her via e-mail on several  occasions.  Amy and I are both southern girls so I automatically feel a kindered spirit with, but not only are we southern girls, we are "heavenly" southern girls thus my bond to her.

When I first began blogging, Amy Bayliss' blog, Sarah Mae, Like A Warm Cup of Coffee, and the women that I met on the Christian Women Affiliate forum were my life lines to me. These places is where I found my much needed sanity, understanding and camaraderie. I had been hurt by people in my church and those that I were close to so I swore off intimate relationships.  Needless to say God was doing a work with me and my heart online.  I would end up opening my heart in a new and very different way.

It was through Amy and CWA that I began to learn about Blog Talk Radio and that ministries online could be a "for real thing."  Not only that, but I saw women taking their ministry very serious online! That was new and different. Therefore, I feel like I was sort of there in the beginning with Amy and the writing and figuring out process of her book.  I remember, like it was yesterday, her sharing her heart with us—her blog readers a bit about the process and what she was going through.  I could not wait to delve into this book when I got it.

Let me just say that when I first began reading the book I was very surprised.  I thought 'Pursuit of Proverbs 31,' was going to be an easy read 70+ pages "ladies book." You know all pretty and flowery with instructions of  "how-to's." How to be this kind of wife, or this kind of mother, or this sort of entrepreneurial.

Not so with this book, I'm so glad it wasn't, 'cause I don't like those sort of books that much, but I was going to read it because Amy wrote it.

'Pursuit of Proverbs 31' is a serious read, and it is for the person who is serious about your personal Christian development.  Sure you can read through it, like Amy says. I tried it.  But that's not quite the truth in my opinion because you're going to get stuck somewhere on those pages.

I got stuck with the reading of these words, "She has a pure heart. God sees a clear distinction between a person's actions and the person's heart." It was at this point that I settled in my heart that I wasn't going to breeze through this electronic book as quickly as I'd thought.  So I got still and accepted my lot.

'Pursuit of Proverbs 31,' is for the woman who finds herself at any season in her life.  It is certainly an excellent read for someone just coming into the kingdom, the reason being is because Amy gently leads our souls into prayer, Bible reading and worship while explaining the process along the way, therefore, this is excellent for the woman just coming to Christ.

However, if you are like me and need some refreshing or a jump start to help you "remember" how sweet it is to sit at the feet of God, this book is for you too. It had been a while since I'd taken time to sit at my table in the mornings and purpose in my heart to be still and listen to God in this manner.  I seem to had lost the spark.   I found it though by going through this book in the morning and it was sweet. I found myself savoring the moment and honestly looking forward to my time with Him via 'Pursuit of Proverbs 31.'

I would encourage any Christian woman to pick up her copy of 'Pursuit of Proverbs 31.' You will not find a road map to how to be the perfect wife or mother, but you will find the road map to help you become a woman who deals with herself, her God, and her family with a very pure heart.

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