I run to you

Sometimes, when life beats up on us and it seems that we've done just about all we can do— if you are anything like me, you run.

I run in my actions, my heart and my attitude.  Never physical.  Sometimes the only one who knows that I am running is me and my Lord.

I don't run right away.  I can go several months trying, praying, even a few years. I will try and give it a go.  But when I've reached that point and see where I'm doing and going through the same thing day in and day out, with no glimpse of an end.  I run.

But I run away from you Lord.  Myself tells me, "I think I can probably do this better. Surely I will do it differently."

But after months, sometimes years of getting beaten down—being on the outside of your will.  I come to realize in the sickness of my sinful heart that there is no better place to be then with you.  Even if being with you means that I must walk the barren field dessert inside of your will, if being in the desert means I will be with You.

So what do I do, when I've done all that I can do on my own.  I realize what I've always known and realized.  I need you.

So I run.

I run to You Lord.  I run to You because with You I know I am forgiven.  And with You I know that I am understood.  And more than anything else come hell or high water, with You Lord, I know that I am loved.

xo, Angela
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