Five Minute Friday: Welcome

This was one of the scariest exercises for me.  I suspect had Lisa-Jo not "welcomed" me I may not have done this.  I've thought about participating in this exercise often.  Every now and then I go to Lisa Jo's blog on Friday's to see if she's still doing it.

The five minute writing exercise that has scared me away for so long.  Wow, when I got over there today I see how it has grown.  "You scary-cat." I told myself.  "This is something good for you."

I told myself, "Na, I'm not ready."  But it was something about that word, "Welcome."

So here it is: My five minute writing exercise, unedited.  This is what to mind when I saw the word "welcome."  Now though, I wish that I had wrote how inviting I felt by the word.  So much so, in fact that it inspired me and made me feel comfortable enough to move forward and give this a try.

Five Minute Friday

Anyway, here's my exercise.  And for my blog readers, this is a writing exercise that doesn't make sense.  The thing is just to get writing.  So if you don't understand or if it seems like "babble" that's ok.  It is.


Welcome the word calms.  Make one feel as if she belongs.  It reminds me of a bit Southern Hospitality.  A welcome smile and a glass of ice tea on a hot summer day, or maybe where you are a welcome smile with a cup of something hot to warm your insides is more fitting.
Wherever you are whoever you are, one thing is for certain a welcome given by word or deed can settle the most unlikely one.  It can speak peace over the rage and unsettling of our souls.
Please know that wherever you are and whoever you are, you are always welcome here.

Stop ...

Let me just say this was so much fun and I think even a bit relaxing.  I felt myself sigh and when I did I great relaxation came over me!  Now I can't wait til next Friday.

To learn more about the Five Minute Friday prompt.  How it got started, etc. visit Lisa-Jo

If you have a blog, why don't you participate.  Just head over to Lisa-Jo once you are ready and link up.  I would appreciate you emailing me to let me know you participated and I'll stop by :-)

xo, Angela

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