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When I first began blogging in 2009, I had no idea that God was working even in those small details of my life. I certainly had no earthly idea that blogging and my online endeavors which included social media could ever be seen as a ministry.

After I first became saved and got married my number one desire was foreign missions.  I longed to travel the world to tell people about Jesus.  Back then I saw myself as the "Modern day Mother Teresa."  My husband and I would apply to work with different mission organizations, but would always find the same thing happening.  We would have to step away.

Time and time again the doors continue closing for us to travel.  One of the biggest reasons we had to continue stepping away is because I had at least seven miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy.

I was told by doctors that I would never get pregnant, and that if I did it was a 98 percent certainty that my pregnancies would result in either other ectopic pregnancies or more spontaneous abortions {my uterus would expel the fetus for unknown reasons}.

After much prayer and fasting...a few years later, God chose to honor my petition and give me my hearts desire.  He gave me a baby boy {who is now 18}.  Fifteen months later he blessed me with my first little girl and continued blessing us with one baby after another until we had reached the blessed number of seven.

Being that each of my pregnancies were considered high risk I was confided to not only the states, but to bed.  I longed to do missionary work just as much as I longed to be a mother, but I gave up the desire realizing it would never come to fruition.

But God . . . He had other plans.  Just like He gave me the desires of my heart and blessed me with my seven children.  My Father eventually gave me the desires of my heart and allowed me to do missionary work.  A new kind of missionary work.  I get to travel around the world and meet the finest of people, particularly women.  And I get to do this without having to leave the comforts of my home.  Actually most of my foreign missionary work is done out of my home or the beloved of my life name Starbucks!

"Be careful what you pray for 'cause you just might get it ladies."  My missionary assignment has been you!  Yes! God gave me you! My online community.

The Internet for me, up to 2009, was mainly "all bad" in my mind.  And missionary work from online?  Who had ever heard of such a thing?

But God . . .

God is God.  Only He can manifest this online thing and cause good to come from it.  Once again I have learned to never underestimate the lengths that my Father will go,  to answer my prayers.

Boy am I loved by Him.  I didn't see my mission field all at once when I got online.  Actually before I got to do any mission work, He allowed me to be ministered to.

One of the online communities that I instantly found myself gravitating to was (in)Courage.  I've been an avid reader and follower of Sarah Mae and Ann Voskamp since the beginning and became familiar with the (in)Courage community through them.

I'd often longed to write for the (in)Courage blog, but felt as if I weren't "good enough" you know what I mean?  I felt sort of like the "odd girl" looking in.  I knew these were my own issues though and had nothing to do with the community so I kept praying and soaking up what those group of ladies were offering.

So there I sat in the background taking in all that (in)Courage offered—year after year.

Stillness was my seasons back then.

I read, prayed and observed.  Oh and I cried an awful lot too 'cause I was so ruin with so many hang-ups that I had enslaved myself to.  Quietly I would read and walking in baby steps I would began to participate in the comments section until one day I looked I realized: I had grown.  The things that had me shackled weren't there anymore.  And for that I am forever grateful for God bringing those women into my life to encourage me!  

That is how my Father showed me that I was to use my platform as my mission ground.  I was to go and share and to for others what (in) had done for me.  Love you and minister to you.

A few months ago, I received an e-mail asking me to fill something out (I believe it was) if I was interested in becoming a community leader for the (in)Courage site.  I honestly had to give that some thought and prayer.

I knew that I would love to minister to women online the way I had been ministered to, but me?  "Could I really do it, Lord?"  I asked.

After a while I thought, "What the heck!"  So I filled out what they asked and that was that.  I had forgotten all about it.

A month or so later, I went to my e-mail and saw something from the group.  It said "Congratulations," and it spoke to me as if I had been chosen to be one of the community leaders.  I thought they had made a mistake.

Then after more thought, I figured it wasn't a mistake, they were sharing with those who of us who applied the ladies that were chosen for community leaders. 

I glanced through the e-mail and found myself feeling bitter-sweet happy for those who were chosen sad that I wasn't.

Later on I decided to glance at the e-mail one last time to take a peek at the names of the women who were chosen.  I wanted to see if I knew any of them.  That's when I saw, "Angela Ambroise."

"Angela Ambroise, wait that's me!"

It wasn't until I checked again and again and again and then got in touch with Stacey our community leader that I realized it was true.

Yep.  Isn't God amazing.  I've come full circle.  I am officially an (in)Courage Community Leader. 

My group is (in)Couraging you in your pursuit of Proverbs 31. Wendi Lombard and I are the group leaders.

(in)Couraging you in your pursuit of Proverbs 31 is a Facebook group where we gather to encourage you as a Christian woman to first and foremost maintain the biblical traditions of  keeping your spiritual life growing, being a wife, mother and the caregiver of your home while still pursuing some of your goals and likes in the 21st Century.

Okay, so here are the links to for you to move around and see what's going on.  Of course you can always come here.  My focus for this blog will change and be more about us—women keeping the biblical traditions of the Bible while pursuing our goals.

Wendi the woman who I am Co-leading the group with.

The (in) Courage community

Facebook Group

We would to have you join our group so please come by and check us out and send a request to join! And hey, past the word around we are having a Twitter party tonight!

Pst, meet us on Twitter tonight? Let’s hang out and talk all things community, friendship, encouragement, superpowers and chocolate.
We’ll be tweeting under the hashtag #incouragers.9pm EST. Meet you there.

xo, Angela

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