Meals by the week

Meals by the week?

What is that? 

Meals by the week is a company that prepares your meals based on the sales of your grocery store!  They take the meal planning off of your plate.

Girls this is something you are certainly going to want to learn more about, if you are not already familiar with them, or services like these.  Even if you decide not to use the the meals, just knowing this service is available is worth its weight in gold alone.

I hate giving my family fast food.  And I feel guilty as heck when I do.  However, as hard as I try we get off schedule; we get hungry when we are out and about, and I get tired. This situation usually results in everyone fending for themselves, making sandwhiches, us picking up fast food or take out, and me being grief stricken with guilt. If anyone knows how bad fast food is for you, I do.

Meals by the week service gives me a peace of mind because now I know maybe once a month I can plan a week off from cooking and know that we are still getting nutritious, flavorful good meals.

I remember a time when I would have felt guilty about considering such a thing.  Me not preparing my own family meals! Handing that prized gift of a position and responsibility over to another? It was absurd. . . unheard of!  Never would such a responsible wife and mother such as myself, ever consider such an atrocity!

All I can say is "season's change."  My plan is to take the  next couple of weeks to talk to the people over there, talk to my husband, of course, and look at the menus.  After that I will come up with a plan and put it in action.

I'm not going to hand all of my meal preparations over to them of course, but I plan to certainly use them for those days when I just don't feel up to cooking. 

The good part is we don't have to do fast food or take out on the rough days!

Meals by the week publish 18 different menus each week for grocery store chains such as Safeway, Hy-vee, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and others.  Better still, they publish a vegetarian and a 400 calorie menu. 

Meals by the week offer family-friendly recipes and my favorite is that their menus are build based on real food.

I know some of you have families just as big as mine.  No worries.  Meals by the week can handle that.  Their meals feed 2-16!  Gotta love it man, gotta love it!

Check out their blog.  When you get to it scroll down to their site map for some really cook tips such as "stocking your pantry," and how to "flatten a chicken."

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