Never too old to kiss mama

With the dawning of Mother's Day, I reflect while looking at how my children have grown. Gone are the late night feedings, and them crying after me when I leave—constantly wanting to be by my side.

I miss those days.

I remember my Pastor's wife and other women at my church telling me, "Enjoy it Angela. The time goes by so fast."

Today, I sort of feel like I don't have a place with them.  I know that I do.  We talk all the time; they confide in me, still listen to me, but I can feel the change. Things are different.
While there is still closeness between us, I feel distant too.

The other night before going to bed I asked my 10 year-old son, Kramon, to come by my bed side, so I could kiss his jaws like I do every night before he goes to bed.  He gave me a look like he'd never done before.  I knew that look.  It said, "Oh man Mom, no," but he came anyway.

"What's wrong, you think you're too old for me to kiss?"  I asked.

"Yes ma'am." He replied

After staring at him for a few minutes, wondering where my baby boy had gone, I said to him, "Go tell Kennedy (19) and Kyle (16) to come here so I can kiss their jaws."

How funny he thought that was.  With a gleam in his eyes, he sprouted to his feet, and ran to go get his brothers.  Before departing though, he found it necessary to inform me that they would never let me kiss them on the jaw.

"Yes ma'am," said my 16 year-old when he entered the room.

"Kyle come give me a hug and let me kiss you on your jaw."

"Okay," he said as he bent down to embrace me and turn his face to the side.

"Ew," said the 10 year-old.  "You're too big to let your mom kiss you." He exclaimed with loud laughter.

"Boy what are you talking about," said my 16 year-old, "You're never too big or too old to kiss or be kissed by your mother.  That's my mother boy!" He said as he rubbed his little brother's head and walked out.

Next to enter was my 19 year-old, I asked him for the same thing to which he obliged. This was really funny to my 10 year-old.  He fell to the floor holding his stomach laughing.  Saying in his most comical voice, "Now you are way too old to have your mom kissing you.  You are old.  You are 19!"

To which my 19 year-old responded by picking him up, throwing his little brother over his shoulder walking out of my room.  Faintly I could hear the older tell the younger, "That's my mom.  We never get so old that we can't kiss our mother lil. boy."

Below is a poem I found while having my devotions.  It fits perfectly with what I'm trying to say in this.

  "Ilook at the shinny shaggy hair and round, blue-eyes; the small pink tongue struggling impatiently against tiny white teeth to form a word, to convey an exciting new-born thought; the broad little boy had covered with dirt, reaching to touch my cheek; and suddenly I realize the astounding responsibilities that are mine before that hand expands to a man's hand.  O God, hold my son's hand while he crosses the danger-   filled street to manhood." Susan L. Lenzkes

My next finding. . .

I found this article on Google when searching for, "What the Bible says about mother's."  A friend actually told me to go there because he had found some very good articles to read.

The excerpt below explains motherhood to in a way that I had not heard before.

Let the article be a blessing to you today.  Go read it and then pass it along.

The Bible never states that every woman should be a mother. However, it does say that those whom the Lord blesses to be mothers should take the responsibility seriously. Mothers have a unique and crucial role in the lives of their children. Motherhood is not a chore or unpleasant task. Just as a mother bears a child during pregnancy, and just as a mother feeds and cares for a child during infancy, so mothers also play an ongoing role in the lives of their children, whether they are adolescents, teenagers, young adults, or even adults with children of their own. While the role of motherhood must change and develop, the love, care, nurture, and encouragement a mother gives should never cease. Please go here to continue reading this article on mother's.


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