Moms want to make some extra cash?

Yes, you read right.  Would you like to make some extra cash?

Before I tell you how, let me share my story with you.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for 19 years.  And 12 of those 19 years, I've home schooled my seven children.

For a while things ran smoothly in our home with the money that my husband brought in from his business alone.  As of this writing things are not as smooth as they use to be, and even if they were, I think the time of my season of not working for money is over.

Many of you who follow this blog know that I've learned Web-design, graphic design, and blogging.  These are things that I love and skills that I am glad I'm gaining.  Right now I am even working on a traditional business.  But these things take time.

In the mean time I've been crying out to God, "Lord what can I do to bring in some extra money?"

Now let me tell you how I came to learn about this company that I'm sharing with you.

About a month ago, I got into my husband's work van to ride around with him to keep him company while he worked.

When I got in the van there was a lot of papers on the passenger seat, so for me to sit down, I had to move the papers.  While moving the papers I became mesmerized by this beautiful catalog full of beautiful totes and other things that we ladies adore.

"What's this?"  I asked my husband as I stood flipping through the catalog.

"Oh yea, it's a catalog that one of my customers gave me to give to you."

"Man I like everything in here!  I want to become a consultant for the company so I can sell these to other women.  This would be a great way for stay-at-home moms to make some extra cash."

The name of the company that has me spelled bound?


Thirty-One Gifts is a company that started ten years ago with the goal of helping women by giving them an opportunity to own their own business.

You can check out the companies three-minute video right below here:

Also, you can visit my website to scroll through the companies catalog.  You will not be disappointed ladies, I promise you.  They have gorgeous products.

And if you are a mom, like me, who needs or wants to make some extra cash consider joining my team.  You can check thirty-one out here too:  Thirty-One Gifts Facebook 
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