Priscilla Shirer's Bible Study Gideon with Beth Moore (2)

So ladies, are you doing the the Bible study with Beth Moore?  If you don't know what I'm talking about you can refer back to my post that introduced what Beth Moore is doing.

Okay, so this is the first and second lesson for the Gideon Bible study.  I put Beth's video below.

She asked that we answer a few questions.  I put two of them on the blog here, but to read the remainder of them, you will have to go to her blog here:

1.  Based on the question in the middle of p. 37 of our homework, she says, to what specific bravery do you feel God is calling you to in this season of your life?

2.  After reading p. 46, regarding five ordinary tasks that you perform on a daily basis, share a memory of an ordinary circumstance in which God met you in an extraordinary way.

Priscilla ends week one saying:

"End this week by prayerfully considering what it will mean to live out Joshua 24:15.  Ask the Lord to give you a holy courage to turn this promise into personal reality.  When ready, rewrite the words of Joshua 24:15 in a personal way as a commitment to the Lord from this day forward."


I wanna ask y'all something?  Were you as quick as me to shake your finger at Israel.  "I can't believe how they disobeyed God!" I said.

And wouldn't you know, right then and there God showed me myself.  Boy, oh, boy how quickly we can condemn another.  Tis, tis.

Priscilla also says that she wants us to record any "hashtag" statements that will help us easily recall what God is teaching us.  Remember, she says, we don't have to be brilliant and incisive; just be led by God's Spirit on on how the lessons apply to you.

Okay, ladies so ponder on that, and here's Beth's video for the two weeks:

Don't forget to seek the Almighty in the midst of your normalcy today.  Ask the Lord to make Himself visible to you just as He did to Gideon.  Pray that He will open your spiritual eyes over the next twenty-four hours so you can see Him more clearly than ever before.

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