Deliberately focusing on faith, family, writing, business and health {Day 1}

I wonder where I will be 31 days from now?  These next 31 days will be intense as I will focus like I never have before on things that are important to me.  Things that I usually just push to the side and say that I will get another day.

You see I'm a homeschool mom.  I blog for two blogs (both blogs are participating in the challenge--don't know if it is called a challenge, but it's one for me).  The topics are very different.  Not only that, but I just moved and still have so much to put away, and I'm trying to get my online business off the ground.  Not to mention that I now have kids, a husband, and a business partner. Oh, yeah, I forgot all about my ladies . . . I am a leader for the (in)courage group Gateway to Joy.

I like what the Nester titled her last writing challenge: Home.  By choice.

That's me.  I've been home by choice for 19 years.  I still want to be home, but I want to generate an income from my home.  I'm ready to be independent without being independent.  Do you understand that?  I think most of you visiting here are somewhat like minded, so you know exactly what I mean by that.

You know that I'm not trying to put God's order down, nor my husband.

I want to use my God given talents to create.  I love writing and I love art . . . I want to make something happen with the things that I've been putting on hold...holding back for the sake of . . .

Not only that I want to focus on my health the diet I do pretty good, but the exercise.  I have not been faithful in years.  I just started back swimming, but for the next 31 days I am going to swim and do beautiful ballet, and practice on a lot of art work, and healthy cooking recipes, smoothies and the like.  And I am even going to get out of my comfort zone and share some of my work with you just because. Because I'm working on change.

I solicit your prayers because I know I will get tired, frustrated, discourage and want to give up.  But I can't.  I'm looking for change.  I want to change but if I give in to the least of these and not write, I will have let them succeed.  So pray for me please.

I hope you enjoy seeing the butterfly that emerges after 31 days.

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  1. Do not get CAN do ALL that you strive to do! You have prayers and support from me!

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. I'm going to keep telling myself that and remembering that I do have the prayers and support of others!


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