Don't let your heart be troubled

I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning about leading this group and writing for this cause.

I mean come on, "Who am I?" Who am I that someone will listen to me?  I'm ordinary.  Very ordinary.

Instantly upon having this thought, God reminded me of His talk with Moses.  And I remember that when God calls His children to a task He equips us.

What is "I AM" calling you to do that is making you feel scared, uncomfortable or overwhelmed?

Don't let your heart be troubled by the call dear one because when He calls you He equips you.


The group that I will be leading is (in)courage - Gateway to Joy.  Open registration begins September 16, 2013 and it ends September 20.

I will write more on it Monday, but in the meantime here's a video to introduce you to the amazing women who work tirelessly behind the scenes with the ministry of (in)courage.



Okay, now to my second project. The cause that I feel very blessed to participate in is (in) mercy.  

I will actually be blogging about (in)Mercy next month because I signed up for phase 2 of the fundraiser.  Here are all of the phases:

So what is Mercy House?

Mercy House is located in Kenya and it is a house that is home to 12 teen moms and their babies.  What we're hoping to do through blogging about this fundraiser is to get the needs of these moms known, and to touch your hearts to make some of these girls wishes and dreams come true for Christmas 2013.

Here are the gifts, again, that we are hoping to give these young moms by Christmas 2013:

To learn more about the heart of Mercy House Kenya, how it got started and why it exist please watch the video by Kristen.  Kristen blogs at We Are That Family, and it is because of God calling and equipping her that we have come along side of her to help.

xoxo, Angela

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