Dare To Be Who You Really Are

Am I an artist?

"No," would be my first answer.  However upon further reflection I would have to say, "Yes.  Yes I am an artist.  I love creating."

For years and years I've fought against my love for creating.  I love to write, but for years I've said, "No. I can't write.  I'm not a writer."

I love to paint and doodle, but if you asked me am I a painter, am I someone who draws?  I would tell you, "No!  I'm not!"

Finally, at age 47 I am coming out!  I'm coming out with the fact that I love design.  I love to write, to paint, to doodle and to create.

I have a friend who saw my work and he suggested that I "get it in front of eyes," so that's what I am doing.  I'm showing my work to you.

After much conversation I learned that he loves words too,  just in a different way then me.  So we've joined teams and have put together this shop which is very much a work in progress.  I am pretty much doing all of the work myself as far as the blogging, the designing, and what have you thus my absents from this place that I love so much.

I invite you to take a look at our work and if you so kindly would like us to ship an art print to you we would very kindly do so.  Also if you don't mind helping out a starving artist, would you please share this post with others.

If you want to see more of our work you can go here to the shop.

I have more designs coming.  If you have something that you want custom made I will be more than happy to oblige you.

My "I am" series came from me motivating myself to not give up.  It's been hard along the way because I've had to teach myself so much.  With focus, dedication, persistence and someone believing in you, you can really move emotional mountains and obstacles.

Are you daring to be who you really are?

What is that thing that you're just dying to let someone know you can do (or like doing)?  Maybe you should do it.

You can see more art prints by going to the shop.

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