Free Halloween Tags

With the upcoming Halloween (and Fall Festivals) festivities that take place in schools and else where. Your children are sure to want to exchange candy and small tokens with teacher, friends and relatives. What I do each year, is wrap the candy that we will give to our trick-or-treaters in a plastic wrap and make name tags.

We give that along with a Billy Graham track on how to be at Peace With God.
Generally I pick up my gift bags at Family Dollar or the Dollar Store, and I would head over to Costco to get my tags printed.

You can print them yourself if you have a good quality printer.

Free Happy Halloween Tags
After you print them just cut them out, grab your hole-puncher and put a hole at the top of the tag. Get some nice string to run through the hole and then tie the string around the package you're giving as a gift.

That's it!  They are simple, pretty and stylish!

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xo, Angela

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