discovering the fastest ways to uncover your genuine purpose

s y'all know, my the Day Designer came in the other day.

I have really been praying about moving forward in a positive way in my life in all aspects.  I started this before the planner arrived.  Now that it is here and I've had time to go through the pages, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the planner for me.

Isn't it true, God is the ultimate designer of our plans and He considers all aspects of our lives. Even leading us to the right day planner! He's in the details and He cares so much about all the plans of our lives.

I have no doubt that God brought the Day Designer to my life.  It was no accident.  I am captivated by the details and the subjects that Whitney English has chosen to include.

This planner is designed by heavenly influences.

Praying and meditating over the pages of the Day Designer solidified my thoughts about how easy it is for me to focus on one area of my life at a time and forget about other parts.

Balancing doesn't come easy for me.

In Whitney English planner, she has a section called, 'Your why: 3 key ideas.'

"Great brands begin with genuine purpose." she says.  "Great brands start with your 'why'.

One of the fastest ways to uncover your genuine purpose is to analyze your life goals. 

  • What are your big picture ambitions?
Wait.  Don't just skim through that.  Don't read through that too fast. Really think about that.  Savor it a while.  Then right it down {hopefully you will write it down in your the Day Designer, but if not that's okay.}.

Whitney has columns so that you can list your top goals for each of the categories.  The categories are:

family goals: 
  • What are your family goals for your family? Overall, over the course of time, what do you want to make sure you don't miss out on?  What are the life objectives you have for your kids, spouse, and extended family?
  • financial goals: what are your financial goals? Do you have goals for savings, retirement, or investing?

Do your lifetime goals include buying a house, building your net worth, or accumulating more assets.

Put some thought into answering these questions. Particularly if you haven't given thought to them in a while.

I highly recommend this planner for those serious about planning their life where it will make a difference, be it you're an entrepreneur or not.

I can't wait to start sharing with you how I'm using mine and how it is helping me.  

Of course to get the most from this planner, or any other one for that manner, you must use it!

God is leading and structuring me in narrowing down my days, years and life.  I feel Him through this particular planner! I see His handiwork.  It sounds crazy I know, but I have so much confirmation that this is it!  Now go!   Make things happen!

Listen to me for a minute y'all, I am broke! And I will tell you a secret, I am not broke because my husband doesn't make money!  I am broke because he mismanages money.  I am broke because I decided to stay home with my seven children and homeschool them and that has been my focus for nearly 20 years!  Yeah, that long.  For a lot of those years, I had access to our bank account and my husband freely gave me money, but not any more.

I don't share this with you for you to feel sorry for me.  I do have a few friends who say, "That's what I get for waiting for a man to take care of me."

I tell you this because I know that God has a purpose and plan for my life.  I tell you this because there are seasons to our lives, and as one season ends another one begins.

I have prayed, looked, watched and wanted what this planner is providing for a long time. I have found solace in it.

Why? I have found what I've needed on so many levels. I knew God would eventually bring me to what I needed to help me move forward to my next season, but I didn't know what "it" was and "who" would be the person he uses.  Remember, I am broke {I have to keep saying this so you understand why I know this planner is for me and why I know I must work's not by accident. I put a lot of thought into this purchase}, and didn't even have the resources to get the planner.  It was too expensive for me. Shucks, a cup of coffee is too expensive for me {and I don't mean Starbucks}.  You understand right?

But God...

God has brought someone in my life who sees talent in me.  They believe in what I am doing, and see me as a creative individual.  It's kind of weird because ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I've wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. I thought I was finished dreaming.  I had actually given up on living out my personal dream.

But God...

God will always help us uncover the purposes He has for us.  We just have to look.  Sometimes we have to be still and wait too.

When something is for you even the lack of money won't stop you from getting what's for you.

The LORD is my I AM. And He has always been. God allowed me to get this planner in spite of my financial situation.  The Lord is my I AM.

He continues to take away all of my excuses.  Now I must do!  I must go and make things happen!

As for my husband, we've been married 23 years (24 next month).  Gosh, he can make me so mad! But I'm committed to making my marriage work even though I get on here ranting at times.  I've seen God do a work in me so many times.  I know He's at work in my marriage and he will show my husband and deal with him as only he can, just as He deals with me as only He can. Keep us in your prayers!

Stay tune, tomorrow, for more of discovering the fastest ways to uncover your genuine purpose as we take another peek into Whitney English the Day Designer.

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