discovering the fastest ways to uncover your genuine purpose {2}

kay, so we're still looking at the Day Designer by Whitney English, and discovering the fastest ways to uncover your genuine purpose.

Once you began going through the process that Whitney has outlined in the planner, seeing how we get to our genuine purpose is clear.  Not easy necessarily, but definitely clear.

In the Day Designer Planner Ms. English focuses on the total you, thus helping you and me focus on a well-rounded plan.  If we are true to the process that she has put forth to help us, we can become clear on our genuine purpose.

This morning while having my devotions, I had my planner opened to the section,'Your Why: 3 key ideas,' and I prayed from the four main quadrants:

  • family goals
  • financial goals
  • career goals
  • spiritual goals
  • and, personal goals
In the planner English tells us to 'use the process of elimination, and cross off one goal in each category until we have our top three remaining.

By doing this we can prioritize our goals and move towards a clearer sense of purpose and why.  The three remaining goals will be your why.

These three ideas will be the foundation for your mission, purpose or your why statement! 

Isn't that fabulous?!  I love it!

Remember ladies, "Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the results of selfishness." ~ NAPOLEON HILL {taken from the Day Designer}

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