Is more money always the solution?

gratitude makes what you have enough

Today when getting my coffee it was given to me in the hallmark red cup that has become signature for Starbucks during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holidays.

"Wow.  November is here already?" I thought.

Once again the holiday season is among us.

Christmas is on my mind.  Thanksgiving is on my mind.

I began to dwell on what I've been reading all week.

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  Give thanks to Him, bless His name,"

"I've been disillusioned."

I seem to think that more money is what my family needs; they think it too.

It is true we do need more money, but as I think about what I've been reading this week, I know that what we need first and foremost is gratitude. I read that gratitude makes what you have enough.

enter his gates with thanksgiving

So my question to myself and to you, "Is more money the solution for you?" "Or do you just need a heart of gratitude?"

Honestly, I haven't been really focused on giving thanks. I give it, but I give it in passing more than stopping and being deliberate. I've been focused on working hard to bring money into our home because a lack of money is our problem, right?

Once I took a good long look at our situation my heart broke. We have succumbed to the pressure.  The pressure of our society.

The modus operandi of our society sets all of us up for failure and debt.  Yes even the Christian who  supposedly understands what's going on, gives in to the pressure.

But I wonder, "If what the commercials, magazines, books, talk shows, news and hype say is true, how much will it take to make us happy?"

"How many things will we have to buy to solve our problems?"
"Is there a sure thing that we can buy to make things better for us?" 
"How much stuff do we have to have before our happiness kicks in?"
"How much debt do we have to accumulate before we are happy?"
"Will things really make us happy?
"When is enough, enough?"
You wanna know something?

There isn't anything that we can buy that will make us happy on a long-term basis.  The one thing that will make us happy from the inside out, we don't have to purchase because he purchased us with His life.  He paid a cost so that we wouldn't have to.

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