the greatest gift, where are you? day 3

"Where are you?"

I love how Ann asks this question.  How she opens up the chapter with it.  It certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

This question involves participation on the reader's part.  I feel like she is saying to really take part in the advent of the Mesiah we need to know, where we are?

Ann says, "Our fall was, has been, and always will be, that we aren't satisfied in God and what He gives."  Ouch.

Lord knows this is true of me, and sadly often times, I can feel justified in feeling this way.  What about you?  Where are you?

Jesus is calling for you

Where are you?

Today the writer invites us to sing a worship song or Christmas carol {or two or three}, and invite Him to come and be with you.

Here's your moment to reflect:

1.  What would you say if God called out to you now, "Where are you?"

2.  What does it mean to you that God seeks you out and finds you when you are far from Him?

3.  What places deep within your sould do you long for the Lord to see out during this season of Advent?  {excerpts taken from the greatest gift, day 3}

I invite you to take part in this unwrapping of a love story.  Our story of how Jesus came to earth to save us.

Guys I've been sick.  I will post day 4 later on today.

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