What do you love to do and what are you good at doing?

With the approaching of a new year, I've been thinking about being focused and taking inventory of where I am in relationship to what I am doing with my hands...my talents.

Before I get started in sharing my thoughts on this subject let me say that I did not forget about the Advent reading.  I have been home in bed in excruciating pain from an ear infection and bad tooth.  My tooth will be extracted this coming Thursday so please pray for me.

I have been laid out in bed, sometimes moaning like a lady in labor because it hurts too bad to cry. So I've been stilled and quiet on purpose.  The things that I'm sharing with you today were actually scheduled to be shared with you weeks before now while we talked about Advent.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good, and I pretty much had this post laid out in draft waiting for me. So I decided today would be the day.  Sorry for all of the "so."

So what do you love to do?  Are you doing it?

What are you good at doing?  Are you doing that?

One of my favorite Bible verses is, "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might . . ." Ecc. 9:10

I think this should be a universal mantra or life verse.

For me, I'm seeing that regardless of what comes up in my life, if I'm doing what I love doing...even if I'm not the best at it and am learning... I find contentment and peace.  I find myself being happy.  Not happy because everything is going good, but happy because my heart is at rest with what I am doing, what I love to do and am good at doing or striving to become good at doing.

In preparation for this post I found this information, "In Ecclesiastes 9:10, the simple English word "do" takes on a wealth of meaning.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon defines the word as "to do, fashion, accomplish," "work, make, produce," It also means whatever you "deal with," "prepare," "use," "spend," and "bring about."

Read the verse again with these words in mind: "whatsoever your hand finds to do" - accomplish-make-produce-deal with-prepare-use-spend-bring about - " do it with all your might."

If you're unhappy with your life or where you are right now, maybe this is something you can examine. Don't measure yourself, necessarily, by how much money you make or don't make.  Ask yourself if you are really using your God given talent?

Are you really loving what you do just for the sake of what you do?  

If you're not sure about what you love to do or what you're good at, pray and ask God to show you and then ask those who know you pretty well what they think.  After that begin to move toward that which you love doing and are good at.

If you already know, or have an idea, leave a comment on our FB page and share your passion and link to your blog or website if you have one.  If I get enough people interested in sharing I may start a link-up here where you all can share a little about who you are and what you passion is.

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