making it happen, setting goals for 2014

I must be truthful with you.  I'm not really one who likes to sit down and write goals.  I never really go back to them, and honestly, usually, I have a habit of forgetting that I've written them down.  So usually I set goals mentally {and forget about many of them that way too}.

But a shift is taking place with me.  I've made up my mind about many things that I'm just tired about.  I am starting to see that at some point in my life, I have to take control of the part of my life that God is allowing me to control.  I'm tired of having the same outcome year-after-year because I haven't worked on the goals that I have set for myself inwardly.

If you understand what I'm talking about here then I invite you to join me.  There are a lot of things that surrounds me that I want to change, but I realize that nothing is ever going to change for me until I make some resolved inwardly.  Therefore, in setting these goals, I want you to think and really ponder on what you want.  Pray about it and see where God takes you.

So this year my goal is "make it happen."

This will be my testing ground.  If I like something, regardless of who else likes it, I'm going to put it here and share!  I'm getting out of my comfort zone, conquering my fears and making it happen.

That really is the only way for us to make anything happen in life.  We must do it!  So . . .  here's what I'd like for you to do in order to get focused and make your "it" happen this year. . .

I've already started on mine, thanks to so many inspiring women bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. I'm learning that the process, the going through is just as important as the work itself!

Don't rush.

While you are thinking and pondering though, I want you to think about this:

1.  What worked for you in 2013?

You may have to take some time to think about this.  That's fine.  Give yourself about a day or a day and a half to think about this question if you have to.

2.  What lessons did you learn from what worked?  Write down at least two to three lessons that you learned.

3.  What did not work for you in 2013?

4.  What lessons did you learn from what didn't work?

5.  What lessons did you learn from what did not work?  Write down at least two to three lessons that you learned from what did not work.

6.  Write a summary.  Let me explain.

From all that you've written down thus far about what worked, what didn't work and why, you should start to see a pattern emerging.  Write what you see in a summary.

7.  What vision is starting to emerge from your summary?  From this lesson you should be able to formulate your vision?

8.  Take your emerging vision and write down what inspires you.  If you are able you can start jotting down your vision in a journal or even blog about it for inspiration.  If you want to share your inspirations with others, share your inspiration through visuals by sharing it on Instagram and Pinterest.

Use the hashtag #mih2014 {that's making it happen 2014} so we can find each other.

9.  Based on your vision what will you say no to this year?

10.  Based on your vision what will you say yes to this year?

11.  Okay, so now, review what you've written and start to write your goals for 2014.  Be specific!

Lastly, remember, "The key to a well-designed life is constantly editing what works and what doesn't." Whitney English.

"Don't just think, do!" Horace

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