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Are you good at memorizing Scripture?  I can memorize it, but I've never done it purposefully.  I've always learned it from just reading and re-reading passages of Scripture.

For a while now I've been feeling like something was missing.  I knew year is all about me getting out of my comfort zone, that's why I'm doing the 'make it happen' series for myself this year.  I'm pushing myself to use the gifts and abilities that I think God gave me to see what happens.  There were are so many things that I love and am drawn to but because of fear for one reason or another I wouldn't allow myself to give into using all of my gifts and talents.

I realize that there are certainly seasons for using them, but even when I realized the season had approached I still let fear tell me, "I wasn't ready."

When I read on Ann Voskamp's blog that she was doing this project I instantly knew that this project of memorizing my Heavenly Father words is exactly what He wanted me to do.

Are you in?

Here's the details taken from Ann's blog:

Ready to Fly this year?

Here are the Details:
1. The First of Saturday of Every Month and the Second Saturday of Every Month — we will talk about our verses. Recite them. Post video of us reciting?  Post the next Memory Prints for the chronological memorizing of certain verses throughout the Gospel of John. And encourage each other on!
2. More free Download “More Than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints will be posted by March 15th. So download the next set of 24 verses March 15th, Lord willing. And keep memorizing His beautiful Word.
3. We will be sharing photos of where we are hanging our “More Than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints come over to our FB community and share photos of where you are hanging yours memory prints?
4. That little poll I mentioned? The only overwhelming response? Just about everyone wanted a way to celebrate #MemoryProject2014 …. So!? We are dreaming up ways to celebrate our community memorizing the #JesusProject this year. Maybe a T-shirt to wear? A virtual gathering? Or maybe… we are praying… maybe some kind of missional trip/experience to celebrate how prints of His Word — have been imprinted on us. Pray crazy with us? 
5. THIS IS THE YEAR TO FLY! #TheJesusProject … is yours for the downloading and the flying!
Download your free “More Than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints of the Gospel of John right here:
Large Prints or the Small Prints  And memorization just got a whole lot easier: Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us. An art gallery  of “More than Useful: He is Beautiful” Memory Prints  –

a humble hanging of prints… God’s Word imprinted right into our being. 

You can visit Ann's blog for all of the details.

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