a new begining

Do you still dream?  Seriously.

What are they? Have you attempted any of them, even one?

Do you plan on pursuing any of your dreams?

For weeks, I've been sharing with you how I've finally started, back {after 20 years},thinking about my art, and having my own business.  I put myself out here big time, calling myself an artist, because normally when I think about art I think about those people who can really draw.  I can't draw.  After reading Emily Freeman's book I decided to embrace the talent of art that I feel that God has blessed me with.

Even though I was publicly embracing who I was, there was still another problem that I faced.  I've always had aspirations of being an entrepreneur and I still loved writing.

Trying to figure out what to pursue and how to pursue it my heart became overwhelmed so I started hitting and missing with writing, blogging, painting, doing my wood signs, graphic designing, and even what I was called to do for my family.  I didn't know what to do really.  One conclusion I came to was that I had to overcome my fears of being inadequate, not knowing everything and wondering what others would think of me or rather my talent.

"What if they don't like..."

"What if they think I'm ..."

"What if..." became the driving force of my thoughts and actions, until it had me all over the place, thinking that I had to try and do everything possible to make people like and accept what I was trying to do.

You see I know that God has gifted me {I don't mean this to be arrogant}, and I know that He has given His children special gifts and talents.  I've just been unsure of how to bring everything I feel like He's calling me to together.

As you all know, those who have visited her a while, I am once again a leader for the (in)Couragers Community Group.  Holley Gerth is a co-founder of (in)couragers and Daysprings {if I'm not mistaken}.  Anyway, Holley has a book that I purchased not too long ago, 'Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream.'  

For whatever reason, I decided last night to open it up and read it.  Not only that I went to her website and looked around a bit, and discovered that she has another site dedicated to God-Sized Dreamers-- the site is actually God Sized Dream.

Anyway after looking around I saw where she offered a link-up and the link up this week is about the backdrop of your God Sized Dream...your story.

After thinking about my gifts, talents, what I like and what I am trying to accomplish as far as fitting all of my stuff together.  Stuff being what I told you all I have always had an interest in art, writing and entrepreneurship I think I want to spend my time sharing my art which includes my paintings, but also my love for writing, entrepreneurship and my new found gift as an encourager.

I love doing all of those things and find such a great "exhaling" kind of moment when I'm thrust into any of these situations.  I find great peace and joy doing these things, and just like I do when I'm homeschooling my children, I know that not only am I exactly where I want to be.  I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

So I'm starting a new beginning here on Gateways to Joy.  My mantra is still "everything if given to God can be your gateway to joy."  I experience this in my life everyday and have even learned that this statement is even true when pursuing your God-sized dream.

I ask you dear friend once again: do you still dream?

Before I leave you, I want to share with you what a God-sized dream is as define by Holley.  A God-sized dream is a desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

In the weeks to come, we will examine more of our new beginnings and following our God-sized dream.  But we will also continue to look at how strongholds can prevent us from getting to that God-size dream that God has tucked away especially for us.

Until next time,

xo, Angela
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  1. Good for you; for pressing through all the "what if's" & choosing to trust Jesus to lead you as He fulfills His dreams for you! ♥

  2. Hi Sonyamacdesigns, thank you for visiting! I went to your blog too. Love how you came to get the name "mac".

    I was on my Iphone when I visited and couldn't see good, but I have plans to visit again tonight.

    Thanks again for visiting and leaving your comment!

  3. Those pesky "what-ifs" try hard to knock us off course don't they? I'm glad you have Holley's book, it will help you focus in on what you need to be doing, it's been a HUGE blessing to my life! Looking forward to reading how your story unfolds :) Thanks for linking up with God-Sized Dreams! See you next week!

    1. Hi Alecia!

      They sure do, don't they? Holley's book has been a God-sent to me! I am so thankful that I found it.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :-)


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