a tutorial on creating and setting up a blogger blog for the creative soul

The last time we were together we talked about fear as a stronghold of us back for going after our God-size dream.  We also said that fear of failure is often the stumbling block to trying.

I know for me a lot of times the reason I am scared of failing is because I feel like my skill level is inadequate.  I always end up finding someone who does things that I am trying to do "better than me," and I start to feel inadequate.  Fear by comparison is lethal.

Many of you have written me and told me your stories.  I see where you are creative women, mothers-- no different from me, who have put your art on hold in order to care for your family. However, as we are learning, it is hard to squash the want and desire to create for too long when God has gifted you in that area.

I've decided to do a couple of breif {15-20 min} tutorials explaining to you to set up a free blog and design a free blog.

Many people will tell you to get your own domain.  While this is good advice and true, for where most of you are right now, I suggest you start slow.  Learn first, get your feet wet and then in a couple of months or even a year from now, see where you are and then evaluate where you want to go next.

Today's video and a few subsequent videos are going to be demonstrations on me sharing how to get the process going.  I have only done tutorials for a few clients, but I've mainly coached using Skype so doing the videos are still new to me.  I say this so that you will forgive the "and so's" that I find myself uttering so much.  As well as I hope you forgive the smacking of the lips and the "um's" :-)

On this particular video, also, for some reason unbenonuced to me I continued saying "hover" instead of "hoover."

You are welcome to ask questions and I will do my best to answer.  Please understand that I am a blog coach, and if you're interested in learning about the particulars of blogging and how to reach your target audience and specific goals you are welcome to send me an email to find out about the specify on being coached.  These videos are just my gift to you and an introduction because I truly understand where a lot of you are.

Also note that I only take about 4 ladies in my queue because I, too, am trying to focus on my art business, homeschool my kids and be a wife.  You can send me an email to gatewaystojoy (at) gmail.com for more information on blog coaching.

It is my hope that you come away from each video feeling more empowered then you did before the tutorial, and ready to share your God given talents with the world and experience your God-size dream unfold.

Happy learning!


"What gifts are waiting to be opened within your heart?"

"How will you use them to change your little corner of the world today?"

Read 1 Peter 4:1-10 to find out more about serving others.

"God, thank you for creating me with gifts.  I'm grateful for the strengths that you've placed within me, and the ways those are expressed as actions through my skills.  I humbly acknowledge that I do have something to offer and that you have made me to make a difference." Amen. ~ Holley Gerth

Lastly, if I that many of you have the same questions, I will start a Google handout community where we can video chat, maybe once a month, while we go through this series and you call can meet each other {on video} and encourage one another.

We will see.


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