so many things pulling at me

Oh it has been a minute or two since we've come together.  I miss you desperately.  These days it seems that I can barely keep my thoughts straight let alone put them down on paper.

I hope this post finds all of you doing well.  I am doing so-so, still having problems with my mouth.  Still working at my God-sized dream.

For the past few weeks I've been diligently working with my 17 year-old son who has had a lot of questions about the Bible even questioning parts of it.

This broke my heart because I felt like I'd fell as a mother--as his mother.

"What?!... wait?! Where is all of this coming from Lord?"  I cried out.

My son is such a deep thinker.  He thinks of things that have never entered my mind.  He looks at things and reasons in way that are Greek to me.  God is growing me with this child.

For the past three weeks we stay up way past 2'o clock reading Chuck Swindoll's study guide, Hope in Hurtful Times!  I can't tell you how much it means to me that people like Chuck Swindoll have made it their life's mission to produce such material.  It is a God sent and it has been our life saver.  I have clung on to my Bible and the Word like never before friends because I so see the fiery darts of the evil one trying to get a hold of my child's heart.

What the Lord has showed me in this was that just because my son's questions have never been my questions, it doesn't mean that his questioning is wrong.  I've learned so much about God and His Word that I didn't know by searching out my son's questions.

Even still though, I do remind him that at the end of the day. . . when it is all said and done, knowing and not knowing the answer to the questions will not make a difference.  The difference is only made by each of us knowing God's Son as our personal Savior, and then living in lives according to His standards so that His kingdom is blessed and we will not only inherit the Kingdom as our home, but we will inherit some rewards.

I have plenty more to say about this, but for now I will let this be enough lest I ramble too much.


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