Thanking God for A Holy Experience

This new year is very important to me.  For one, God has chosen to let me see "a new'"

I'm excited to see what things .... awaits me.

As I shared with you on Wednesday, my word for the year is: Petros...Rock...Cornerstone.

As I go through my daily routine of reading many of your blogs...I'm blessed.  I wonder if my blogging has moved any of you the way I'm moved by you?

In reflecting on my wanting to be a ROCK or CORNERSTONE for my faith.  I wonder?

How will I go about doing it?  I pray.

Then I go to visit know Ann without the fanciful "e"? 

Ann who helps us see the cross in the clothespin.

Ann who reminds us "all is grace" when living in the "upside down world."

She causes me to REMEMBER that my seemingly mundane work is MY HIGH service to him...a holy holy experience.  A calling and sacrifice that I give to Him each and everyday.  She helps me see how blogging about my faith...,my life can reach someone on the other side of the expanse.  She's in Canada.  I'm in Texas, but I'm moved by her  for Him.  She's lit a fire under me for Him the same way Elisabeth and Beth does.

For us bloggers, mothers, and you, yes, your, the reader.  I'm beginning to see how we do have a voice and we can make a tremendous difference for God with our voice...a voice He's chosen to give us.  It's not by accident that I blog and it's not by accident that you blog.

You have a voice and an opportunity to carry the Great Commission from shore to shore without ever leaving your home.  I hope we all continue sharing our story—which is HIS Story..."our life."

Touch a life with your words Be here, wherever you are— be all the way there.  Ann names her year.   She's named 2011 the year of here.  Learn to experience your moments. 

If you're a blogger (writer)...write ... be the cornerstone for our Father right where you are.  Use the tools that He's given you and let your life...your story...your blog be A HOLY EXPERIENCE for all who stops by.

I thank God for each and every one of you.  If you were here right now, or if I was there...I would give you a great big hug because you matter and I'm so blessed by you.

Thank you

Happy New Year and stay safe....

Much love :)


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