How to have your quiet time

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I am fired up over here!

I've just had great quiet time, I'm cleaning my house, schooling my kids and have spend some time with some of my online friends this morning.  Yes, ma'am, I've been a little busy bee over here.

This morning I shared the live stream with you all from Priscilla Shirer over at Going Beyond.  I joined the book club over there The Resolution Revolution for women and let me just tell you it is exciting.  We had a blast fellowshipping with Priscilla, the girls and even Jerry :-)

What I am really finding exciting about this particular book club is that we have pen pals.  We've tried to link up with other women in our city, but if that isn't possible it's okay, we just link up with another sister.

In light of me doing the book club and the Bible study with Good Morning Girls, I wanted to share another way with you for studying the Bible.  This is closely related to the SOAP method that Good Morning Girls use.  This one is more in line to how I have my quiet time.

Actually, I really don't think it is much different, at all, from the SOAP method, other than the wording.  But I wanted to share this method with you all too.

Below is a video that I did explaining my method and I've also written it out below.  If you get my blog sent by email, you may not be able to see the video.  If that is the case, just click on blog below, or the highlighted {blue} title and that should bring you to my actual site.

The method I use for having my quiet time:

1.  Position yourself to hear from God
2.  Meditate over the passage and then paraphrase the major points.
3.  Pull out the spiritual principles from what you paraphrased.  For instance, ask yourself:

  • What is God trying to teach me through what I've just read and written out?
  • Are there any commands that He's prompting you to follow or any promises He's reminding you of?
  • If what you read was a story, ask yourself,"How would it feel being that person?"
  • Consider if God is giving you a command to follow or a promise to keep near.
  • Is there an attribute or characteristic of God's that He's trying to reveal to you?
  • What can you learn from the verses you just read?

4.  Pull out the spiritual questions God gives you, and pose those questions to yourself. Make them personal.  Ask yourself:
  • Am I obeying God's command?
  • Am I following that directive He just showed me?
  • Do I believe that promise that He's just revealed?
  • Do I believe God is who He says He is in this portion of Scripture?
It is usually at this point that the divine dialogue really begins.  God and you will really begin to talk about what He's showed you, what He wants you to do... fix, get straight, etc.

Remember ladies, God doesn't just speak to be heard.  He speaks to be obeyed! ~ P. Shirer  

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