Women touching lives world wide with online Bible study, 1 John

My heart grieves when people deny Jesus, but it seems to grieve even harder for those who can acknowledge that He was "once" here, yet still deny that He is the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Messiah.

The first three verses of 1 John explains the "Incarnate Word" to us—Jesus being made flesh. Throughout the Bible, in fact, we bear proof of Jesus being the Son of God, yet many still go on in their unbelief, some dying in it even.

John is know as "the disciple Jesus loved" and like Peter and James, this discple had a unique relationship with his Rabbi—his teacher. Whenever I read John's writings it seems that I connect with the warm love and affections that he had for his beloved Christ.

The loved disciple wrote this letter, 1 John, to encourage the first generation of believers {little did he know his writings would continue encouraging believers throughout generations, extending to the 21 century and beyond} to get back with the program.

They like many of us had wandared and went astray.

Going astray is so easy to do at times.  It's easy for me to get caught up in what's going on in my life and view certain situations in the carnal perspective, not putting eternal lenses to it til later.

Knowing I'm like this I can appreciate the Johns in the faith.  God's people who come to me and say, "Hold up girl ... wait a mintue.  Readjust your focus here." 

Sometimes we need to be reminded of truth and life—life and dark, because we can get "tangled up" in the moment.

Today I would like to encourage all of you, as I encourage myself, to keep sharing your eternal life with others, not by what you say only, but by your life style, by the guidance of your heart for Jesus.

Let others witness your display of love for Jesus by their experience with you.

Often times the only Jesus people will see first is the Jesus they see in you and me. There are so many people who we come into contact with on a daily basis who have not had an experience with Jesus, like John, we are qualified to tell them all about Him.

No we have not seen him personally, nor have we physically touched Him or heard Him audibly, nonetheless, we know Him.  We have experienced Him and we are witnesses to His existence.

I appreciate the fellowship with each and everyone of you.  I kindly thank you for sharing your time and your stories with me.

This is my first experience with a study in this manner.  My blog comments have been malfunctioning.  Each day, though, I've been working on it trying to get the problem resolved.  You may see that some of my replies to you all have been duplicated, sorry about that.

I ask you again to continue leaving your comments to encourage other women stopping by.  Angela talks receives visitors from several countries per day and I know that your stories will inspire many by giving them hope.  So keep your stories coming and don't forget to share this study with your friends, family and church... pass it along and let's continue encouraging not only each other, but women world wide by each of us participating in Bible study via the World Wide Web. 

God is making a difference and He's using us to do it via the Internet in the 21 Century and we don't even have to leave our homes!

Blessings to you ladies and thanks for stopping by!

Also, if you want to read other stories by women participating in the 1John Bible study just click on the highlighted link, Good Morning Girls.

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  1. It's so difficult to stop reading after just one or two verses, so I realize we've all been reading 1John Ch1 (at least) every day.
    Striking to me is the intimate, loving dedication that John shows for God and Christ just in his introduction of this book. I pray that when I interact with others, they can see the same, deep love of God and Christ shining through in my speech and my actions. Although I am unable to physically see and touch Jesus, I believe with all my heart that John truly was able to do both. What a blessing it is to have his words readily available!


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