Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name {Two post today}

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For many years I've wanted to do foreign missionary work.  But for one reason after another, I always had things that came up, prohibiting me from experience my dream and taking action.

At this point in my life now, I am finally seeing God slowly moving in my desire.  I must say that, He is moving in a new and very different way.  From the comfort and safety of my home, I am able to sit at my computer, write to you and share my hearts desire of wanting to help children ocean miles away.

The video that I am choosing to share with you today is a "webisode from Missions in Actions highlighting children in poverty where Compassion works."

Dear friend, just like me, you have a voice and a sphere of influence.  You may not be able to jump on a plane to go help a child in impoverished circumstances, but Your God and their God has given you a way to help them in the name of Jesus.

Today, please slow down.  You can start by slowing down long enough to watch this video and then help someone.  Help someone who is less fortunate than you.

Get involved.

What is a Compassion Blogger, read about it here.

Not a Compassion Blogger, sign up today.

Missions In Action, please visit their site.

Please visit the site and read the story of one of my favorite Compassion Bloggers.  She and her husband has just recently, I think Nov. 12, returned home from a mission trip... seeing first hand the difference they are making as sponsors and her being a Compassion Blogger.

Her blog is here, A Holy Experience.

Thank you.

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  1. Angela - thank you so much for sharing this. I loved reading about your heart for missions and how you are allowing God to use you even though, right now, you are not directly in the mission field. Thank you for using your voice to speak up for children in poverty. It is powerful!

  2. Bri — thank you so much for responding.  So many people don't respond when I share this story.  I almost didn't share because the quiteness is so loud when I post about Compassion, but it it my heart and I love it so.



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