Valerie Elliot Shepard

Many of you have asked about the interview of Elisabeth Elliot's daughter.  I've decided to put the link on this page to give you easier access.

I do ask that you do not copy, download and/or save the pictures without permission.  I have more pictures of the family to put up, but am trying to see if my request will be honored first, it wasn't on my last blog.

Anyway, please enjoy the interview and if you have questions I'd loved to hear from you. 

Interview with Valerie

Elisabeth Elliot {Update from daughter Valerie Elliot She

A video interview with the slang missionaries wives and more pictures of Valerie & Family.  Please don't download, print or forward pictures.  I can see if this is done and will be force to take the pictures down.  That would be sad, as many have asked to see Elisabeth Val and the family.

So please simply look at the pictures and enjoy.  This is a copyrighted site.

Thank you.  Enjoy!