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Hi ladies!

Today I have two videos that I want to share with you.  The first is from our Bible study leader Courtney over at the Good Morning Girls blog.

Courtney is going to share with us her reflections of this weeks reading via Youtube.

You may silence the music by going to the side bar, clicking on the button in the middle :-)

I'm one of the ones who will be catching up this weekend.  I am doing so many things.  One in particular is learning about graphic designs and typography, while also trying to understand different software that designers use today in the industry.  Let me just say this week I've been a bit perplexed :-/

Yesterday while roaming about on the web I came across a video that quickly became dear to my heart.  In this video I saw my dream being lived out and became very inspired.

Take a look and you'll understand.

Also my dear ones, I ask that you pray for a family friend. Her name is Fannie, she's our CPA and my husband and I have been very close to her for years.

Last night my husband received a text from another one of our friends telling us Fannie was in ICU at one of the local hospitals.  I called the friend and she told me that she was told that Fannie has fluid on her brain, but that was all the information she had.

Oh gosh, I bout lost it.  You know I just lost my dad in May, and I'm trying to adjust and readjust to other life situations and to hear about this started to bring up a lot of emotions that I really don't want to deal with 'cause I don't want to be set back.

There is so much that I need to do, and I really don't feel like dealing with anything too emotional you know, like getting all sappy?  Not that crying is a bad thing, I know better than that.  I just feel like if I get started it's going to take an act of God to calm me down and get me to stop and focus because I've lost some precious people and so many things are evolving.  It's kind of scary actually.  Old friends and loved ones are leaving and new ones are coming.  I'm not always good with change.

Anyway, please pray for my friend Fannie.

If you are one of my friends who get Angela talks sent to your email.  You can go here to see these awesome videos!  You are sure to be pleased :-)

xo, Angela

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